Brandberg Quartz Crystal with Amethyst In Rock Matrix BRC-101


Beautiful specimen of Amethyst Quartz crystal still on its natural matrix, with small Calcite crystals also present. The crystal has a lovely shape, and some attractive Amethyst interior colouring. 

The surfaces have an interesting matte finish and the termination itself is beautifully formed with only a minor amount of chipping to an edge, which in no way detracts from the amazing beauty of this cabinet specimen which stands and displays proudly.

The rock matrix has numerous tiny crystals below the base of the large crystal, and some fascinating cuboid Calcite structures.

A wonderful specimen which will make for a special addition to any collection of fine quartz crystals.

Sourced by us at the world famous digs in Gobobos, Brandberg, Namibia.

Weight: 183.3 grams

Size: 61.9mm (H) x 66mm x 54mm


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