Brandberg Scepter Smokey Amethyst Quartz Crystal BRC-104


Special form Brandberg reverse Scepter Smokey and Amethyst phantom Quartz crystal. 

An amazing cabinet specimen with incredible form. The crystal has a tabular like form with stepped side facets, leading toward a flat edge reverse Scepter termination. Internally the crystal is clear in its upper portion with dark Smokey phantoms and some Amethyst too. Towards the base it becomes icy and cloudy. The surfaces have a a super shiny vitreous luster with deeply striated ridges and majestic etchings. There are also numerous Hematite speckles, frozen in the lower portion of the crystal. 

The crystal is in very good overall condition with only slight weathering to the extreme edge of the termination. A very special cabinet specimen of rare form, with great colour, clarity and luster. A prize addition to any collection of fine Quartz crystals.   

Hand-sourced by us directly at the world famous Quartz mines in Brandberg.

Source: Brandberg, Namibia, Southern Africa 
Dimensions: 80 x 28 x 21mm / 3.15" x 1.10" x 0.82" (approx) 
Weight: 66.6gm / 2.35oz

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