Large Compound Brandberg Quartz Crystal BRC-106


Compound intergrown Quartz crystal specimen.
The base section is divided by two transverse fault lines into three distinct sections.
It is translucent with subtle interior Amethyst tones. The end sections are broken away from the matrix, while the main surfaces are partially terminated and nicely striated. 
The vertical crystal is clearer and transparent, with Amethyst deep within Some matrix adheres to the base of the unit, and there are some secondary crystals attached to the main crystal.
There is a little damage to portion of the top termination edge.
This Brandberg quartz piece forms a fascinating structure and is well priced for the size of the specimen.
Source: Gobobos, Brandberg, Namibia
Dimension: Base: 69mm x 23mm, Vertical: 49mm x 25mm
Weight: 114.3gm

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