Superbly Radiant Windowed Sceptre Brandberg Quartz Crystal BRC-342


  • Magnificent, lustrous, highly radiant Brandberg Quartz crystal
  • Superb natural surface features and wonderful sunken windowed area
  • Exotic internal structures and chambers
  • Delicate smokey regions 
  • Wonderful sharp terminations and sceptre head formation
  • Additional terminated areas and tiny crystals at the base
  • An outstanding crystal specimen of the amazing quartz from this area

Hand sourced by us at the world-famous Brandberg, Namibian digs. 

Source: Gobobos mountains, Brandberg, Namibia, Southern Africa
Dimensions: 33.5mm (H) x 20.4 x 17.2mm (approx) 
Weight: 13.85 gm


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