Magnificent Amethyst Smokey Enhydro Twinned Brandberg Quartz Crystal BRC-337


  • A magnificent large crystal with a second crystal doubled, on the top facet.
  • The crystal has exotic, Amethyst and Smokey phantoms
  • Beautifully formed front terminations
  • Hematite speckles throughout, with some blood-red ones in the front of the smaller crystal
  • The crystal is an Enhydro, with a small moving bubble, which we have marked for you. Hold the crystal with the small crystal at the bottom and tilt it from side to side to see the little bubble move nicely in its liquid filled pocket.
  • Highly lustrous quartz - a magnificent specimen and a prize acquisition

Hand sourced by us at the famous Brandberg digs at Gobobos, Namibia, Southern Africa.

Size: 58.5mm x 23mm x 26mm
Weight: 47.5gm

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