Sparkling Spirit Quartz Crystal Cluster With Dozens Of Glistening Terminations IQ-102


From a new find comes this magnificent "icy" cactus Spirit Quartz crystal cluster from KwanDebele in Mpumalanga, South Africa. 

The crystals have delicate Amethyst phantoms in their termination tips and are covered with tiny druzy light-reflecting points that glisten and shine as you turn the piece in your hand. This African Spirit Cactus Quartz has a very delicate lilac hue and displays beautifully, as it stands on its flat base.

A beautiful piece, from a recent find along the famous Spirit Quartz reef in South Africa, and a majestic display specimen.

Hand picked by us.

DIMENSIONS: 71mm x 58mm x 48mm    /    2.80 x 2.29" x 1.92"
WEIGHT: 176.2gm    /   6.2oz

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