Lilac African Ice Cactus Quartz Druzy IQ-103


From a new find comes this magnificent "icy" cactus Quartz crystal from the Mpumalanga, South Africa. 

With delicate Amethyst phantoms in the termination tips, the quartz is covered with tiny druzy light-reflecting points that glisten and shine as you turn the piece in your hand - difficult to capture in a photo, but a delight when you view the crystal in your hand!

This cabinet specimen African Ice Quartz has a very delicate lilac hue which provides a lovely display, as it stands and displays beautifully on its flat base.

A beautiful piece, from a new find, and a prize acquisition.

Hand picked by us.

DIMENSIONS: 86mm x 68mm x 50mm    /    3.39 x 2.69" x 1.97"
WEIGHT: 230gm    /   8.3oz

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