Aquamarine Crystal from Erongo with Clear Top & Surface Patterning AQ-301


Beautiful Erongo Aquamarine crystal with clear top portion, flat top termination and unusual surface patterning.
The crystal has a cloudy included lower portion and becomes clear and transparent towards its termination. There is a small crystal attached across one side facet and a tiny piece of matrix attached.
The flat top termination is not complete, as there are two surface chips at the edge, these however are only noticeable when viewed against the light, and do not affect the overall beauty of the specimen.

A wonderful specimen from the world famous Aquamarine deposits of Erongo, Namibia. 

A marvellous addition to a collection of fine mineral specimens!

Hand-sourced by us directly at the world famous mineral deposits of Erongo, Namibia, Southern Africa.

SIZE: 24mm x 10mm x 9mm / (approx)   
WEIGHT: 4.9gm

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