Erongo Gem Aquamarine Crystal Cluster AQ-105


  • More than 10 lustrous aquamarine gem crystals grouped together in a complex majestic manner
  • Gem clear upper portions & flat top terminations
  • Lustrous striated surfaces
  • Some crystalline Feldspar matrix present at the base & rear of the cluster as well a little embedded along surfaces
  • Very good overall condition with very little hardly noticable imperfections
  • Aesthetic display specimen of special beauty
  • Hand-sourced by us directly at the world famous digs in Erongo, Namibia, Southern Africa.
SIZE: 28mm x 28mm x 16mm   /   1.10'' x 1.10'' x 0.63''   ----  
(largest crystal 18mm x 9.5mm x 7mm   /    0.70" x 0.37 x 0.28'') 
WEIGHT: 8.2gm ( 0.29oz ) 

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