Twinned Gem Erongo Aquamarine Crystal AQ-108


  • Lovely light blue Erongo gem clear twinned Aquamarine specimen with special form
  • Main crystal nestled in flat Aquamarine crystal matrix
  • Tiny Schorl Black Tourmaline needle like crystals embedded in matrix crystal
  • Classic flat top termination
  • Unusual occurence


A special thumbnail specimen to add to a collection!

Hand-sourced by us directly at the world famous mineral deposits of Erongo, Namibia, Southern Africa.


SIZE OF MAIN CRYSTAL: 7.4mm x 10mm   /   0.29" x 0.40"(approx) 
SPECIMEN DIMENSIONS: 30mm x 12mm x 12mm   
WEIGHT: 2.5gm ( 0.09oz ) 

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