Natural Brandberg Quartz Crystal Set as a Pendant P-216


Lustrous and shiny, natural Brandberg Crystal pendant
Hand-crafted in Africa by local artists using a rustic style ceramic clay setting. 
The crystal has lustrous, striated, surfaces and a sharp well shaped termination. There is a lacy interior section and a silvery veil, while the facet edges are sharply formed with a sprinkling of Hematite.
The Quartz is of fine quality, and the natural form, and lustre make this crystal ideally suited for a pendant.
The crystal you see is natural and unpolished, and the setting is inlaid with an orange Garnet from Namibia.
As this crystal is natural and unpolished and the setting is hand-crafted, it is a unique and exotic creation and no other exactly like it exists anywhere! 
The pendant comes with a free leather cord.
Weight: 5.00gm

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