About Us at Gemron Crystals

How did we start?
Over 120 years ago, two teenage brothers with a dream walked eagerly down the gangplank of the ship that had brought them from Europe to the distant port of Cape Town, South Africa. By ox-cart and horse-drawn wagon they trekked a thousand miles inland to the gold mines of the Transvaal. Now four generations later, we, their descendants, are hand-picking the choicest specimens from the wonderful treasures of Southern Africa and making them easily available to discriminating buyers and collectors around the world...

Where are we located?
We have offices in South Africa, and the United Kingdom, where our main office is situated.

How do we get our crystals and specimens?
We spend months of each year trekking across the baking African veld and soaring mountains to hand-pick the magnificent crystals & specimens shown on our site. These gruelling trips are the only way to find the choicest specimens...which we can then personally offer to you, direct from the digs where they were unearthed.

Why collect crystals and mineral specimens?
There is a timeless quality and serene permanence about gemstones that has been at the forefront of human fascination since the dawn of history. Most important of all, the item of sparkling natural beauty you own and hold in your hand, is unique and no other exactly like it exists anywhere else in the world...