Black Tourmaline with Twin Tri-Star Termination BLT-207


  • Shiny Top Grade Black Tourmaline from Erongo, Namibia
  • Twin tri-star front end terminations - rare to find a twin termination like this
  • Jet-black mirror shiny striated facets on a large part of the crystal
  • Triangular shape with partial terminations on all sides
  • Front end termination - double tri-star, rear end nicely self-healed
  • Some wonderful naturally etched surfaces
  • Really superb specimen of this world famous variety
  • Substantial size and exotic features
  • Hand-sourced by us directly at the world famous digs in Erongo, Namibia,  Southern Africa

      SIZE: 56mm x 40mm x 29mm 
      WEIGHT: 85.9

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